Mobile Video Conferencing Solutions – Vidyo

Vidyo provides a very robust mobile video conferencing software solution on both ios and android devices. It was one of the first companies to take video conferencing mobile. They now have apps for Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPods as well as Google Android based smartphones and tablets alike.

Mobile Video Conferencing Solutions – Vidyo Review

What we like about the Vidyo solution is that first, it allows users on smartphones and tablets to get on video calls with participants on similar devices or on desktops computers or room systems. That caters to people on the go that need to jump on a video conference call quickly but cannot connect to a desktop, laptop or room system.

Another reason we like Vidyo is that they are a software based platform, so their entire focus is making video conferencing software better across platforms, unlike Cisco or Polycom that try to do both hardware and software at the same time. Vidyo is taking a different approach to the enterprise model where companies buy hardware and software for their conference rooms. Instead, the company is focused on software that feeds the BYOD (bring your own device) market which is driving the surge in software video conference solutions. This has also been helped by advancement in cloud computing techonology.

Description of Vidyo Mobile Conferencing Apps

The video above goes into details about how the Vidyo mobile conferencing functionality works on smartphones and tablets. Here are reasons why we think you should choose Vidyo Mobile Conferencing solutions:

1. Works on hardware and devices you already own
2. Conferencing Distributed in the Cloud
3. VidyoRoom Systems don’t require purpose built rooms
4. Scalable and Flexible even on mobile devices

As a business, we think picking Vidyo is a solid choice because not only do you get in room and desktop capabilities but you are also able to deploy their mobile solutions, helping your team to stay connected all the time, no matter where they are or what devices they have available.